It hit us about 8 years ago that we were close to retiring and needed a “retirement” project. As we began asking ourselves what we loved, wine was always at the top. So, it became pretty easy to decide: Let’s Start a Vineyard!

As grape growers, we are committed to providing the best grapes and believe in working closely with the vintner to ensure the desired outcome—great tasting wine! As many vineyard owners know, Oklahoma presents a variety of challenges and each season, we rise to the challenge through education, observation, and perspiration. And, we are pretty proud of what we have accomplished in just 8 short years. Lastly, we firmly believe in protecting the environment. And, even though we spray the vineyard with chemicals, we try to limit the use of all pesticides.

To date, our vineyard has 179 cynthianna plants and 265 chambourcin plants.

​Outside of our vineyard, we are dedicated to uncorking the wine industry in the state of Oklahoma—actively lobbying to modernize liquor laws in this state. We are proud to be members of the Oklahoma Grape Industry Council, with Dianna serving as Social Media Representative and Mark serving as Vineyard Representative. Click here for more information on Oklahoma Grape Industry Council.

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